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Sharing = Success
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s kind of like the saying in kindergarten, “sharing equals caring,” but this is the grown-up version that has to do with brands and social media. Sure, when things are shared there’s less spotlight on one brand, but what if there were no spotlight at all? Sometimes sharing actually creates that buzz and that talk that leads to a successful campaign, whereas without sharing there’s nothing new to talk about. And when sharing is done correctly, is relevant, and provides a new benefit for the audience, the result is nothing but positive — for more than one brand. Today’s brands are trying to be more innovative and creative (the buzzwords of the century) so any time they can partner with another brand (let’s call them a brand friend) that brings the cool and brings the interesting, the program is sure to produce some success that otherwise would not have been seen. It’s all about sharing and creating.

Not sure how to share, what to share, or why? Today’s list of ideas can get pretty creative and also truly expand the definition of "share." This is no longer two brands who co-promote for an in-store sale, but instead it’s about linking together for marketing. Social media is a great way to share and link up with another brand to create some new success. And it’s not just about sharing content or liking a status, it’s more about giving control to someone else. This week Bon Appetit has given Island Creek Oyster control over its Instagram account. That’s right, complete control. Two brands that are definitely connected, working together to provide some variety and gain new success with the audience. It may seem a little useless, but this sharing can be more impactful than each brand simply promoting the other. For Bon Appetit it shakes things up a bit for its audience. Some new images, some insight into a very specific food brand, and something new to remind them why they initially followed Bon Appetit. For Island Creek Oyster, it's access to a dedicated audience that loves food. This is the gift of sharing.

The same thing is also happening over on Pinterest, where Martha Stewart Living gave a popular lifestyle blogger (Camille Styles) the reins on pinning to the brand’s account. It’s brand-sharing without blatantly shouting it from the rooftops. Martha Stewart gets some new inspiration and ideas from a very connected blogger and Camille Styles gets to talk about the ultimate partnership with readers. And what does the audience get? This is the group that makes out the best. Being able to see inspiration that makes sense but doesn’t feel forced or the same month after month. It’s a situation where everyone wins. But when sharing, make sure to do something creative, make sure to pick a partner that makes sense and has the same goals, and, of course, make sure to keep the audience as a top priority. Happy sharing!

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