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Vine: Who’s Using It and How
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are a gazillion social media applications. Yes, a gazillion. Okay, maybe not that many, but to a brand it feels that overwhelming. Which ones to focus on, should new ones be added once they are introduced, what’s best for the brand, etc.? It’s a conversation every brand is having, both big and small, because the worst thing would be to have a presence on all social medial applications, each with little success. Vine is a Twitter application, so essentially a spin-off of the social media giant, to get video into the mix. But not any video — short, homemade clips that allow six seconds of splicing to get the point across. It’s demanding and it’s short, but if done correctly it provides a visual representation that trumps a single photo. And the app has been downloaded by 13 million iPhone users, so, yeah, this little thing has some reach. So who’s using it and for what?

The most horrible thing would be if brands took Vine by storm and created a six-second video on everything. Without thought, without strategy, there’d be videos floating around with no set plan. Thank goodness most brands waited before introducing Vine into their social media agenda. With the app having some time to be out there and users ready to see what it can do, there are a set of brands now using it to make an impact and to hopefully create success. Regal Entertainment Group, for instance, is using Vine to promote and get the word out about its summer movies — Monsters University and World War Z. But the videos are only six seconds, so how does that work? Quite well, actually. Imagine being able to highlight engaging moments and to draw out quick messages — well, this is the app that can do that. It’s like creating excitement by only giving the user a little taste.

And it’s not just the movie group itself but its partners as well. Red Vine (the yummy licorice movie-goers can buy) has been using the app since January. With 20 videos under its belt, the company has seen positive click-thru rates while providing an interesting and different way to get the message to consumers. So maybe it’s not about Vine’s limitations but instead understanding how sometimes different works best. It’s new, it’s engaging, and it allows both brands and consumers to get a little change with a six-second Vine.

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