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Same Cookie, Different Marketing
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Okay, can everyone just agree to love Oreo? This brand is a constant topic on BTB and it’s for good reason. It knows how to market, how to be flexible, and how to achieve long-term success. With. Only. One. Product. That’s where this success story is different than many others. One could argue that cookies are always relevant and with each new generation there’s new parents and new kids to reach. But then all cookies would all be successful for years and years to come. So yes, Oreo found some secret weapons that allow it to continue to sell its core product and still see success from generation to generation. And what are those secret weapons? Flexibility, adaptability, and relevancy. The brand knows how to push the cookie and the brand so it makes sense, feels natural, and gains followers along the way.

Oh, the things Oreo has done this year. From nailing it on social media to connecting with the older audience to truly getting the brand back in the forefront. And some of these instances were just the brand being the brand, not some planned out, long-term campaign. Remember the outage during the Super Bowl? Yeah, Oreo was the brand to make a joke to connect with annoyed and anxious watchers, and that night the little cookie company gained more respect. The ability for one brand to be relevant to different audiences in various settings is what keeps Oreo a top-seller. Sure, the product make-up has something to do with it, but the marketing isn’t something to ignore either.

So we’ve seen Oreo be very funny this year, super timely during the big game, and now the brand is touching heartstrings. Parents, of course. With the upcoming Father’s Day celebration this Sunday, the brand has released a spot that plays off that father-daughter bond. It’s one that all parents relate to and that the brand is using to showcase the power of its cookie. The new Oreo spot is not just relevant because of its timing; it also includes some modern creativity with animation, live action, and an original song. This brand isn’t just saying the words of relevancy and flexibility but is also showcasing them quite clearly through its new campaign. One where a daughter imagines what would happen if she and dad could eat just one more Oreo before bed — the possibilities are endless.

Brand success — long-term brand success, to be exact — isn’t always about new audiences and additional products. Sometimes it’s more about making consumers see how the product fits into their lives at this point in time. Oreo is also very diverse — it doesn’t only talk to kids or to parents, but instead has various sides that it allows to shine. It’s one product, many audiences, many marketing strategies all nicely tied together by one long-standing cookie.

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