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A Brand’s Career Path
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s that time of year again. Graduation. The time when different ages of kids leave one experience and move on to another. Whether it’s from pre-school to kindergarten, grade school to high school, or college into the real world, the message carries a similar theme. Have new challenges, create different experiences, and have a plan. For the college grad this talk is about a career path. What’s the plan for 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years down the road? It’s the conversation that is started years before and there are lessons to plan on how to dictate the future. Well, guess what? This topic is not solely for graduates, but instead is the same thing brands should be doing. Sure, there’s no graduation, but the idea of planning and visualizing and taking steps to get there are things every brand needs to do.

Every brand needs a “career path.” Sure, it’s not necessarily a career, but more a vision for the future. Where will the brand be 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years in the future? And what are the steps that need to be taken to get there. A successful brand today does not equal a successful brand in the future. Just like a student with straight A’s doesn’t equate to a successful future without a plan. Brands that are riding a success wave currently and even those that aren’t should identify how the brand plans to see improvement in years to come. To just assume that a brand will live out its life and always be number one means the brand has never thought about its “career path.”

Many brands want to live in the moment and of course be relevant. But moving forward with no plan isn’t the way to achieve success. This is not to say that brands need to have the future detailed out, but there needs to be a plan. One that is flexible, one that has room to grow, and one that talks "future." Everyone knows that all graduates are asked, “what’s next?” and that’s exactly what brands need to do as well. Of course celebrate the success of now, but always be thinking of how to make sure new successes can be captured moving forward. So plan for today, plan for tomorrow, and of course plan for the future. Congrats grads!

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