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Coke Split Its Cans in Half – Now Share
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Tuesdays are silly. They aren’t the middle of the week and they aren’t the start either. So today, it’s a little bit of silly on the blog. But silly that makes sense, or at least has a purpose. Coca-Cola it seems has taken its brand positioning and made it very clear. Something that is tangible and seen by its consumers. And kinda silly to boot. The brand, along with Ogilvy, created a Coca-Cola can that can literally be split in half. So now everyone can share. How nice is that? It might seem silly, but it’s got a purpose and one that makes a statement.

Coca-Cola has been working on its “Share Happiness” concept for some time and this little shareable can is the latest in unique ways of spreading the message. Sometimes just stating a brand positioning and explaining it over and over again in words gets boring. Sometimes silly and fun are the answer. Because it’s super simple to understand that if a Coke can splits into two it can now be shared. Being able to easily showcase with the iconic product the essence of “Share Happiness” is far from silly. Instead it allows customers to grasp an idea without being told how to do so. It makes sense, it’s simple, and it promotes a larger brand initiative.

Very rarely does packaging play a large role in brand initiative. It’s just not where the focus has been for many years and quite honestly it doesn’t always help a brand see success. But being able to go back to a core product and allow it to promote a branding message gives Coca-Cola two-fold success. Brand messaging is being promoted and understood by customers and the core product is doing all the talking. Sometimes this has more impact than a creative new ad or a viral campaign. Sometimes being silly makes sense.

At a time when brands are trying to create the next best thing and the most creative digital campaign, it’s nice to see some take a step back. Focus on what worked years ago and simply have fun with it. But fun with a purpose, of course. Coca-Cola’s brand positioning is simple, so why shouldn’t the brand use a simple idea to promote the concept? It’s interesting, it’s unique, and of course a little bit silly. But sometimes silly equals success.

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