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What NOT to Do On Social Media
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Oh boy. There’s been a huge mistake on social media and it comes from a little bakery brand called Amy’s. It’s scary, it’s bad, and everyone needs to understand what went wrong. It’s one of those things that no one wants to look at but no one can turn away from, either. It’s the train wreck of social media and everyone is going to learn from it. It’s better to learn from mistakes than to repeat what’s already been done. And social media is still new to smaller brands, so no harm in repeating the don’ts just one more time.

Not Everyone Needs a Response: It’s not like a phone call where brands must respond to every piece of chatter on social media. Sometimes letting things lie and staying quiet is the best remedy. Especially when there are conversations out of control, it’s best to simply clarify here and there and most likely the chitter chatter will simply die down.

Leave the Trolls Alone: Amy’s bakery made the classic mistake of responding (and quite frankly, yelling) at the trolls on Facebook. Instead of dispelling any false comments it only facilitated more aggression about the brand and therefore more negative comments. Brands need to know that not everyone is honest and real in the social media world, so pick the battles and make sure they are worth it.

Don’t Be Emotional: It’s one of the first rules of business and it applies to social media as well. Of course many businesses are emotional and the owners are very passionate, but it’s important to deal with these situations as neutrally as possible. Step away from the computer, don’t type the first thing that is thought of, and instead think about it. Decide if it’s worth responding to, and if it is, make it a comment that doesn’t start a whole other round of arguments.

Don’t Be Mean, Be Nice: These are potential customers, so use manners. It’s important to note that even if a response is directed at a certain person, the words are there for everyone to read. So don’t insult, don’t use bad language, and try to bring the conversation back to a positive. Sure, there will always be followers that don’t love a brand, but there’s no need to let them take over the way a brand reacts and responds.

It’s Okay to be Quiet: Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to respond on social media and that’s okay. Many times people are looking for that reaction so they can keep the conversation going, but if there’s no reciprocation then the fight falls flat. But don’t do this at the expense of never saying anything. It’s important to know when to talk and when to silently watch by the sidelines.

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