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Target Tests Cartwheels and Loyalty
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Truth: Target doesn’t technically have a loyalty program. Truth: Target kinda sneaks loyalty in every chance it gets. Truth: Target kinda wins at the loyalty game. Truth: Target is getting more serious about a loyalty program. Some Wednesdays just call for truths, and when it comes to Target it’s all about truth and loyalty and cartwheels. Yes, cartwheels. Because Target is testing the idea of a structured loyalty program with some of its REDcard members and appropriately named it “Cartwheel.” It seems appropriate, it seems very Target, and below are the details on what exactly this Cartwheel includes.

Still in beta, Target seems to just be testing the waters with this loyalty program. Some would say that Target already has a loyalty program with its REDcard members (Target’s credit card) and Cartwheel is just another expansion of this idea. But when Target does a loyalty program it’s definitely not any old average Joe. Target has teamed up with Facebook to make this loyalty program go above and beyond. Members are able to choose their own offers (yes please!), giving people various ways to save throughout Target stores. So yes, Cartwheel seems like an appropriate name for this new program.

Cartwheel will officially launch in a couple of weeks, with the program being in a constant state of refinement. Based on customer feedback, Target will continually tweak and improve the program based on what the brand hears. It’s like a real loyalty program. One that is loyal and one that listens. And with customization increased, Cartwheel is sure to take off with many customers. Members can access the program on a computer, table, or mobile device and automatically receive 10 “spots,” with the ability to earn more badges based on activity. It’s like gaming meets loyalty meets Target happiness. And it doesn’t stop there; Target is allowing members to share offers with their Facebook friends. It’s a whole new (potentially scary) way of thinking about loyalty.

The nice thing about Target is that the brand understands. It sees the need for a more defined loyalty program, but also knows the power of technology. So by integrating the two, Target has literally created a loyalty program that can take off with little doubt from customers. With the potential to gain more savings at a location customers already shop at, Target is simply putting more dollars and more products in carts for every trip. The customer wins, Target wins, and everyone is doing a Cartwheel.

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