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The Finer Things in Life: Brand Experiences
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Today’s lesson is about what makes a brand. Quite frankly, it’s also about what does NOT make a brand. Luxury brands teach this lesson; the ones that focus on and dedicate time and patience to the customer experience. These are brands that don’t build a brand through advertising but instead make it a priority to create that brand experience. One that is different, one that customers remember, and one that ultimately builds a brand. Yet brand experience is not solely for luxury brands; it should be incorporated by each and every business. This shouldn’t be something that is thought of after the fact. It should be a priority when building success.

Many brands assume advertising builds success. “If I tell them, they will come.” That showing customers what the brand delivers will ultimately bring success. But if the brand can’t actually keep its promise and provide that unique and differentiating experience, then advertising is doing nothing to help the cause. So before brands invest the time and money into creating that perfect campaign, a lot must be done to formulate the brand experience. For larger brands and smaller ones, there must be an experience that customers remember, one that they associate with the brand and brings them back time and time again. And brand experience isn’t just for storefronts, but includes online interaction, purchasing, and even customer service. It’s creating pillars of experience that infiltrate every aspect of the business. It’s focusing on what makes this brand experience different/better for the customer than the competition's. It’s emphasizing that brand experience is important.

It’s also important to note that brand experience should not equal luxury brands, although these are great for learning some tips. All brands should understand that creating a unique experience for customers is one thing that helps build brand success. Customers crave this, whether they are buying a packaged good or their next car. Sure, the experiences are different, but the most important thing is to understand that there SHOULD be an experience. Because the next time a purchase needs to be made, brands want customers to choose them — and it’s more likely they’ll remember the experience and not the latest TV campaign.

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