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Fresh Ideas, Fresh Campaign
By: Janet Kalandranis
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BTB loves the new; we like to talk about what brands are doing to highlight differences in what they do best and the way they choose to do this. That’s what branding is all about; not only getting that message across to the audience, but also the vehicle used to do the talking. So when brands do something different (even if it’s on a smaller scale), this blog takes notice and customers definitely listen. And to be clear, it’s not different for different's sake, but the ability to showcase a brand's competency in a way that makes sense, yet no one has tried before. So today the topic is chalk, a live billboard, and of course McDonald’s. Why? Because the topic is fresh and if anyone is going to make this message stick it’s this brand.

The thing about making a statement is that it needs to be simple, different, and also make sense. Sometimes that idea is taking something known and putting a twist on the original. It’s also about making sure the message fits with the vehicle the brand chooses to use, because the whole package needs to create a lasting impact on the audience. McDonald’s newest campaign in Poland wraps all of these ideas into one little package and it works, so perfectly. The brand is talking freshness, a message that is not synonymous with the brand. So McDonald’s knew it had to showcase freshness instead of using a TV campaign filled with “fresh” buzzwords. To do that, it used billboards, but turned them into chalkboards. And a genius, fresh idea was born.

Each day the brand uses billboards as chalkboards. The staff takes local artists and has a freshly drawn special created on the board each day. But not once a day; twice a day is key. This allows McDonald’s to showcase the meaning of fresh and the importance put behind this concept. It’s a fresh idea, an unexpected one from the fast-food giant, and relays the fresh food concept to the audience. This campaign is not simple, it’s not without time and commitment, but it makes a statement. One that delivers a brand message and gets the audience to take a little more time when hearing “McDonald’s” and “fresh” in the same sentence. It’s a new way to get the fresh message across and McDonald’s does it oh-so-creatively.

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