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Dear Brands, Do You Know Me?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s true, it’s 2013. Why does this matter? Because there has been a shift in what’s accepted and what’s expected. And rightfully so. If everyone is honest, today’s customer wants brands to know them and understand them. Gone are the days where dedicated and targeted marketing are thought to be intrusive (to a point, of course!), but instead customers only have the time and energy for what’s relevant. It’s almost as if brands need to be mind readers and best friends with every single customer. And customers expect nothing less than a brand knowing them inside and out. Crazy? A little. But it definitely is the truth.

Customers get to demand the world from brands. Sorry, but that’s just the way the game is played. If customers had their wish list it would include brands only sending along relevant information that they feel represents them. To customers this feels like a small request, but in reality this is actually quite a large task for any brand to accomplish. From data to products to messaging and customer segments — not all brands can get it perfect every time. And quite honestly, very few get it right even most of the time. Yet customers still have expectations, and that is the goal all brands try to achieve.

Brands that think targeting and customer relevancy are a low priority need to think again. Customers are used to what the Amazons of the world provide and therefore expect every other brand to be able to do the same. Again, not realistic, but it is the world of today. So brands need to identify how they can make quick gains to show customers that they are listening and really understand them. It could be short surveys or identifying main customer segments, but it’s important that the brand move forward. Doing next month what occurred this month will likely get old to customers. And as much as they want brands to advance, they will notice those that take small steps to improve and those that just don’t care.

This is the customers’ world and brands just live in it. In a good way, though. In a way that challenges brands to be better, more efficient, and ultimately more successful. So don’t minimize the importance of relevancy and targeting to customer segments. If the customer wants it, shouldn’t they get it?

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