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H&M Showcases Real
By: Janet Kalandranis
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This topic will be an ongoing one. It’s pretty certain that our world won’t be one where the female body image isn’t discussed. But that’s okay; it’s all about progress and for now the goal is to simply move one step forward. Many brands promote this, specifically Dove with its real beauty campaign. This brand is on the forefront of bringing true female beauty (no matter the shape and size) to the forefront. Well, now other brands are taking note and understanding not only the importance but the impact that doing this can have on business and on perception. H&M, known for being quite the opposite of Dove, has shifted, maybe listened and learned a little, and truly is showcasing female beauty this season.

In the past H&M has been criticized for using models that are ultra thin. Yes, that’s right, the ones that don’t look healthy but consumers are accustomed to seeing. To be honest, H&M wasn’t receiving rave reviews because none of these models were producing accurate interpretations of the female body. Well, fast-forward to 2013, and things have changed. H&M listened and made a change; a positive one that now has the brand getting that praise it always wanted. This year’s beachwear model is a normal woman. That’s right, a normal size 12, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. H&M seems to have taken a step back, reevaluated who it was and the comments it was receiving, and created something current and inspiring with its new campaign.

Interestingly enough, H&M has decided to focus on this year’s beachwear model as simply being the right option for the campaign. But the rest of the world can believe that the brand took a good hard look at what it was portraying and decided to go real instead of thin. H&M is a great example of how brands can embrace change. There comes a point where brands can’t ignore comments and criticism, and they shouldn’t. It’s important that brands listen and evaluate and determine how to move forward if they want continued success.

H&M provides other brands with the strength to move outside their comfort zone. It forces successful businesses to look at what they are doing and what customers think in order to find a way to move forward in 2013. This isn’t about what has been done in the past, but instead how to create a path toward what will be accepted and successful in the future. H&M, this applause is for you.

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