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Seasonal, Regional, Local
By: Janet Kalandranis
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These words are all the craze right now. Customers love them and brands want to be them. But there isn’t enough emphasis on the power of seasonal, regional, and local right now. Sure, there is a group of smaller brands and even bigger ones that do it right, but the majority even forget to mention these important words. And they aren’t just words, these are brand attributes that are likely to attract a customer set who wouldn’t have paid attention in the past. So it’s important for brands to determine where to play and how to play in this seasonal, regional, local game. Because if it’s a driving force for brand success, then why not?

For those areas of the world that have seasons — real, true seasons — there’s the ability for brands to drum up extra excitement and engagement during those temperature changes. And it’s important, too. Case in point, a hair salon. Most of them offer summer hair treatments to protect from the sun, sand, and water. But how many of them actually market this capability. Few, maybe some, but definitely not enough. Using what’s relevant to customers at this moment is always a brand positive so ignoring a seasonal product or opportunity should be grounds for brand detention.

Consumers LOVE regional, love being connected, love being part of something. So playing up a regional attribute is definitely a brand positive these days. And this is true for both smaller and larger brands. The smaller ones that can only be found in a certain area should let customers know that they are “their” brand. One that understands who they are and what they want, and more importantly talk about the brand’s place in the region and how it supports the area. Larger brands can capitalize on regional if they offer certain products based on the area. Don’t be shy and let customers know that not everyone receives the same treatment. This allows larger brands to let their regional roots shine right through.

Now on to local: the biggest craze that isn’t a phase. This local thing is here to stay. Consumers love supporting anything that is in their town or their area. The more artisanal it is, the better. And brands need to stand up and talk. Restaurants that use local ingredients, art stores that boast local designers, and businesses that make everything at their brick-and-mortar location. Customers find this information extremely important, so brands need to make the messages loud and clear. Because if it’s seasonal, regional, or local, someone wants to know and that someone could be a life-long customer.

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