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Take the High Dive into Video
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Think of this as a public service announcement for all brands; one that deserves attention and needs to be heard. Video is where it’s at. This isn’t something that can be taken lightly because all those brands ignoring the message are going to be left behind. And with good reason. Video has capabilities that other tactics just can’t boast. Not to mention customers want it and really aren’t accepting anything else in its place. So it’s time to stop thinking about it and start executing. Because doing the doggy paddle in the realm of video will return no results — best to just jump off the high dive.

It makes sense that many brands want to wade before they swim when thinking about video for their brand. Unfortunately, that option is no longer available. Video is what customers want, what they are gravitating towards, and what builds brand success. There are many brands out there that are ignoring the signs, not even considering video, and ultimately losing out on some brand success. Customers want the new experience that video brings, so presenting them with a flat alternative just doesn’t work anymore. The landscape has changed and brands need to decide what their video integration will be, not if they will even do one.

It’s also fair to say that it’s anyone’s game. Video content levels the playing field somewhat and really drives success for those brands that do it well. The current top viral ad wasn’t the standard famous person or a known brand. Instead it was a 30-minute (yes, 30 minutes, because that’s okay in the video world) video from Invisible Children, a nongovernmental organization rallying for a cause. Now if that doesn’t get brands to listen, nothing else will. The idea that video provides a new set of rules — ones that are still being identified. Because it’s no longer about celebrities or pretty pictures or standard times. Video allows brands to go outside the comfort zone of what’s written as a best practice and simply create.

Video is an interesting beast one that can’t be done plainly. Viewers want to be introduced to something new and interesting and video has the capability to deliver. But brands must also be a willing participant — to understand that video is not simply an ad posted online. That there are new expectations and new opportunities available, and they must dive from the highest platform.

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