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Coca-Cola Does Young Love Perfectly
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The Coca-Cola brand isn’t perfect. No brand is perfect, for that matter. But sometimes being imperfect as a brand leaves the door open to create something that is completely perfect: an ad that all other brands are jealous of and one that customers just fall for. Not in that fake annoying kind of way, but in a way that is just so perfectly right. A brand ad done to perfection that makes the audience hold their breath, take an extra moment, and just enjoy. Coke is that brand; the imperfect brand with a new spot that is so perfectly perfect that it just works.

Many brands assume that it’s all or none. In planning, in executing, in strategy — but Coca-Cola has shown that this is not the case. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from being perfect everywhere and create an ad that shows complete brand strength and one that is executed exactly as the brand should be portrayed in a perfect world. Coca-Cola put aside all its imperfect attributes and for this spot focused on what it can and does do right by showcasing the brand in the midst of young love. And true young love, not one that is intertwined with kissing and dating and whatnot, but just two kids who have fun together. What brought this young love together is, of course, Coca-Cola.

In Coke’s newest spot the brand showcases pure fun and young love exactly how everyone wants to envision it. Sure, it’s probably not realistic, but that’s not the point. Sometimes brands need to put aside reality and let the audience dream along with them. Show them young love as they’d all like to imagine it and simply take it for what it is. It’s worth taking a break from reality and the cynical world and just believing that some things truly are simple and should be portrayed as such.

Sure, Coke knows that this one little ad will not turn it into the perfect brand, but it sends a message of hope. For parents, for kids, and for audiences that just want to watch 30 seconds of perfect and believe that some things are that easy. Coke’s new spot definitely tells brands that it’s okay to be imperfect and yet showcases the opposite. Because brands and people need to believe that some things are, and always will be, perfect.

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