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The Brand Balancing Act
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Everything about a brand is a balancing act. The goal isn’t to please everyone and do everything, but instead to make choices that result in brand success. That’s where balancing comes in: deciding who to target, what to offer, and how to market. It’s all about careful research and making some mistakes, and eventually the balancing becomes a whole lot easier. And this seesaw is a constant reminder that brands must take two important aspects of the business and many times find a balance that achieves success while also giving customers what they want. Nothing says brand balance more than the conversation of security and ease-of-use.

It’s important to note that no brand is free from having to find a balance. Big brands, small brands, new brands, old brands (Dr. Seuss, anyone?) all have to evaluate various aspects of the business to make decisions and move forward. Twitter is one of these brands. Newer and big, the brand’s latest balancing act includes being safe while also providing a tool that’s easy to use. And it seems that Twitter maybe forgot to balance and was focused solely on its product interface. No one can blame this brand, as the number-one priority should be a focus around the user interface. After all, the service that Twitter provides is an online social networking portal. So yes, ease-of-use separates the Twitter platform from others.

But as brands grow and time moves on, that sneaky little word “balance” rears its sometimes-ugly head. And that’s okay. Because balance means brands are gaining more success. But it’s important that this balancing act isn’t ignored, because customers will take note. Twitter is a great example of a brand that has to balance; it's a great social media platform that is secure. Unfortunately, the brand had to live through a handful of unsecure actions that prompted this balancing act, but luckily Twitter is moving forward with a two-step authorization process. Twitter is able to continue offering customers the platform they love, but also ensure that there are increased security measures for all users. It’s good news all around.

Twitter could have ignored the signs that pointed towards balance and simply run with its social media interface. The brand could have easily focused on features of the feed and put security on the bottom of the list. But brands can’t ignore, they must instead listen to the good, the bad, and the ugly and determine which factors are important. And then balance the heck out of them all.

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