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Who’s Mobile Shopping?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Yesterday the talk was over shopping online versus shopping at a storefront. Today, to keep on this fun shopping topic, BTB will take a closer look at who exactly IS that mobile purchaser. Females? Incorrect! Shocking, or maybe not, but the men are more likely to use mobile shopping than the ladies. Why is this? Are most brands aware of this and using it to target the correct audience? Or are there a bunch of assumptions going around that brands need to re-visit? After all, if a brand does have a mobile portion of the business, it’s best to make sure that it’s putting together a strategy to make it just as successful as a storefront.

Those men, they are tricky! But actually, when breaking down the thought process of shopping, this actually seems quite logical. Women love to shop (yes, that’s a generalization) and men just don’t (another generalization). So when it comes to shopping, men want the capability to do it quickly and efficiently and therefore choose mobile technology. And this insight also affects the way brands market to customer sets. Women find shopping fun and pleasurable whereas men want the task over as quickly as possible. So talking about the ease of mobile shopping for women probably isn’t the best bet for that target audience. But promoting a quick check-out process on a mobile app to men will definitely be a message going to the right ears.

Age is also another factor that brands need to consider with mobile shopping technology. That younger customer set is more apt to use mobile technology to shop than the older generation. This makes sense, but it’s extremely important that brands don’t alienate an age group while trying to assume that all males shop one way and all females another way. It has to feel inclusive without being assuming.

Oh the job of a brand, trying to please everyone while not offending anyone. It’s a tough job and the more data and understanding brands have about their customers, the better. Brands also need to focus on different target groups. There is no one-size-fits-all for any brand and assuming that this is the case will definitely lead to missed sales or unhappy customers are some point. Better to be armed with various marketing messages to attract those important target sets than to assume everyone is one and the same.

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