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The Other Side of the Dove Campaign
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It went viral. It was a success. Dove has done it again. For the past couple of weeks the topic of conversation has been around Dove’s newest campaign; the one where real women describe what they look like to a master sketch artist. And the result showcases what women really think of their bodies. It’s another Dove campaign that speaks straight to the heart, that feels like the brand, and is executed perfectly. Most of the conversation around this campaign has been positive — a lot of talk about how Dove is able to bring this important message to the forefront. But as always, there are always the cranky ones in the bunch, and of course these Negative Nellys are relaying a much different opinion.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches is another example of how the brand focuses more on the emotional connection and message to customers and less on product attributes and benefits. Sure, Dove sells products and it pushes to do so, but there is a nice balance with this brand to be more than just the health product developer. But then there are those that like to take something good and break it all apart. And here’s what they are saying.

Only Traditional Attractive Women. Okay, point well taken. But that’s actually not the purpose of this campaign. And quite honestly, when diversity is forced, it’s there just for diversity's sake and not for the real reason the brand plans to accomplish. So yes, the women used were beautiful; that was kinda the point. And yes, maybe Dove should have chosen a range of women, but really that’s quite a nitpicky suggestion for a brand spot that’s this good.

It’s All About Thin and Young. This is actually the entire point that Dove is trying to get across to the audience. Women today (both young and old) equate “pretty” with weight and age. And Dove is trying to, very blatantly, point this out.

Beauty Shouldn’t Be the Only Measure. It’s pretty much confirmed that Dove knows this and is quite aware of it. But some reviewers are saying that the campaign focuses on beauty as a measure of worth and success when really it shouldn’t be a factor at all. However, Dove is trying to be realistic, relevant, and live in the world of its customers. Quite frankly, this is exactly what this campaign delivers. It’s real, it’s impactful, and it’s a brand trying to make an important message be heard.

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