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AT&T Lets Kids Be Kids
By: Janet Kalandranis
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This post is not about how AT&T markets to kids — that would be a little crazy. And on this Friday, it’s not about crazy but about cool and funny. AT&T is the brand running this great new campaign that uses kids, not as a background, but as the star of the show. It’s quite amazing, because as everyone knows, kids are, well, kids. No brand can force them to act a certain way and have it be authentic. So that’s why AT&T decided to let kids just be kids. And the result is glorious. Oh, and so funny.

The “It’s Not Complicated” campaign for AT&T is a modern-day take on kids helping brands sell. But the brand and the agency, BBDO, were smart about making this campaign work for AT&T instead of seeming forced and overlooked. The brand took what was its best asset — the kids — and with little barriers were willing to see what came out of just talking. Kids are wild cards and that’s kinda what the brand wanted. With a good “moderator,” the campaign is able to highlight its simple premise that bigger and faster are better instead of over-complicating the message. And by letting kids explain this, the result is a fun, hilarious, and simple interpretation of what really matters to AT&T.

But let’s be honest, none of what is seen on TV was a first take or easy to capture. The process was to hold these focus groups with kids and simply get them talking. Huge risk, but one that if it produced some great sound bites would go a long way. And oh, was this the right choice. Kids see black and white, yet they explain in their grey terms. They can home in on the simple message of what they prefer, more and bigger and faster, but they explain it in such a way that makes the audience realize they want no fluff from a wireless carrier.

One thing was very clear. At no point did AT&T want kids talking about the brand or wireless service. The whole point was to highlight characteristics of AT&T and do it in such a way that it would be heard. Well AT&T, BBDO has achieved just this. A simple message, delivered in such a way that the audience might just listen. And that, folks, is exactly what every Friday should include.

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