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A Fresh Start for GEICO?
By: Sarah Jane Dunaway
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In case you haven’t listened to the radio lately — yes, the real radio, not satellite — Geico has released a new ad campaign geared towards military personnel and veterans. Their ads boast the usual elevator speech — save 15% or more — but with an added twist. This time their ad features copy such as, “supporting our troops since 1936,” and “since 1936 you are the people we love to serve.”

I wonder if this new campaign from Geico has anything to do with USAA? USAA is staying strong with their advertising efforts these days and perhaps Geico has decided that USAA can’t dominate the world of the insured military folk for forever.

For a company that has offered the most obscure advertising over the years, this appears to be their first attempt at something...well, normal. And by normal I mean something that offers a clear goal, a clean direction, and doesn’t leave the audience behind to scratch their heads.

Only problem — USAA already targets military personnel for car insurance. We all know (unless you have had no affiliation with the military) that most companies offer some sort of military discount. So why is Geico choosing now to advertise with heavily military-targeted ads?

I’m sure they’ve discovered that most Geico fans are male and the military is predominately made up of men, so maybe they decided to try a new angle. Maybe they read my previous post on their lack of brand consistency and decided to start anew. It makes sense, but now I fear that this targeted ad is too much of a detour for the brand.

I’m not sure if it’s their timing, their advertising message, or their targeted audience, but something doesn’t feel right. No offense to Geico, but it sounds like they’re just trying to piggyback off the likes of USAA and in the world of advertising, I think that’s referred to as cheating.

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