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How Brands (& the World) Have Changed
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Today BTB is getting real; taking a break from research and metrics and brand best practices, and just talking about the world. About what changes it from day to day and how this now affects a brand. Yesterday was supposed to be one of Boston’s happiest days. Great weather, thousands of runners, smiling volunteers, and a marathon to complete. That is, until the unthinkable happened and that happy day was interrupted by violence. And it changed the world, the people in it, and the many brands that exist.

Things have changed. Even from just a year ago. Think about Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook Elementary School, and a host of other events that have changed the world. People are different with each event that occurs and the world grows a little older a whole lot faster. And brands are not exempt from any of these events, from the feelings that are attached to them, or the changes that must occur. Because today, brands don’t go on with business as usual but instead put aside board meetings and strategy plans and just become a part of society. And this is how the world has grown. Grown to become more connected, more cohesive, and more real.

Brands used to step away from tragedy. Potentially acknowledge it and quickly move on. But luckily, many have opted to become more connected with the world they live in and be that active participant. One that helps during tragedy, one that opens up with emotion, and one that feels like just another neighbor. And that is how the world had changed. Not for the worse, but for the better. People and brands alike.

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