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Organic Beauty, Organic Business
By: Janet Kalandranis
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A lot of talk here on BTB pertains to larger brands, bigger strategies, and well-known companies. But today BTB gives homage to the smaller brands, ones that started on a simple premise, with a “regular” person who had an idea and went with it. It’s inspiring to see a brand that stays true to its initial concept and can build a successful brand on this idea. So take note, big brands; this message is for all the big names. Don’t forget where the brand came from and always stay true to the core of the business. And that, friends, is how a small-town couple created well-deserved success with organic beauty products.

Many brands forget to tell their story. Who they are, why they came to be, and how one simple idea turned into a business. Brands like Skin Fare are able to remind all companies that the original premonition that started the business is an important one to keep re-telling. Skin Fare was started based on the fact that owner Kara Erickson wanted to understand exactly what was in her beauty products while she was pregnant in 2008. That’s it. She wasn’t your typical die-hard natural ingredient seeker, nor was she known to be the beauty expert. That’s why this brand story is one that needs to be heard.

So Kara took her initial thought, combined it with her background (and of course a lot of research), and she and her husband launched Skin Fare. It's a brand that continues to focus on its core idea and has grown successfully since its launch. Skin Fare is all about natural ingredients in beauty products. That one simple statement is what makes the difference between being successful and different and being just another beauty brand. Skin Fare focuses on where the ingredients come from, what they are, and just how natural they must be. And it doesn’t stop at the product; it includes packaging as well, something that has forced Skin Fare to keep more inventory then it would like and to pay for packaging that is more expensive than most. But it’s worth it; at the end of the day, Skin Fare can confidently and proudly state that the brand is true to its initial concept and has seen success from doing just this.

It’s understood that big brands have to make trade-offs between what will sell and what makes sense for the growth of the business. But there is something so refreshing, yet so simple, about smaller brands: their ability to always re-focus on the initial idea and the battle they pursue to make sure it goes as planned. It’s not always possible and not always realistic, but it reminds all brands to never forget that initial gem of an idea and to always fight for what started the brand in the first place.

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