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Weather-Based Ads?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s true, it’s happening. Ad space purchased only during specific weather conditions. It’s a dream come true for many brands. Relevancy is a hot topic here on BTB and luckily it seems that the trend is to move towards more relevant, more current marketing. Woohoo! (That’s a brand cheer.) Think about just this past year; there have been many extreme weather scenarios that many brands wanted to capitalize on, but many times were left to social media posting. And think about brands that have specific products for each season, yet with unpredictable weather, buying a month’s worth of ad space can sometimes seem like a bad move. That is no more because now brands are testing the latest and greatest in location-based technology and it screams relevancy from all aspects.

Ace Hardware is a great example of a brand with seasonal products. Shovels and de-icer in the winter, fertilizer and planters in the spring. But that’s the thing; the weather doesn’t actually coordinate with any specific set of dates. So the brand is trying a new tactic to be as relevant as possible. By purchasing mobile ads contingent on certain temperature restrictions, the brand is able to market when it’s relevant. So on that 30-degree day in April they won’t talk about gardening, but on that 60-degree day they will. The idea is simple, but the technology had to catch up to the goal — and luckily it has done just that.

The ability to reach customers real-time via mobile and help them deal with whatever weather situation they are in is, as MasterCard says, priceless. It’s that little gem of relevancy that all brands want, but many gamble with, when purchasing traditional media. Ace Hardware’s new mobile strategy puts them above the competition, allowing customers to trust the messaging they are receiving. Because that gardening spot on a 30-degree April day is really, well, just annoying.

Taco Bell has jumped on this relevancy wagon, too. The brand is running new mobile ads through Twitter that only get pushed when the local temperature exceeds 48 degrees. Yes, they are being that specific, and that’s why this is a brand tactic "love". The ability to be so specific and so relevant allows brands to create very customized messaging for different scenarios. And customers will notice. They’ll be receiving relevant messages during appropriate times and to them it just feels right. Shouldn’t all marketing feel that way?

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