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Brand Follow-Through
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brand follow-through is a simple practice that most companies have down to a science. That is of course if the topic is about customer service and business objectives and strategy. A customer reaches out, has a concern or question and a brand follows-up. It’s a simple practice, one that is expected from customers and one that brands have considered a necessity. But if the topic is about content or social media or programs, many times follow-through is not made a priority. Does this matter? Is it needed? It’s definitely worth discussing.

So how about an example? Most brands have a social media strategy. One that contains a mixture of images, contests and many times questions. Brands are great at creating these different pieces of content, getting customers all excited and then it just ends. Questions that were thrown out to the crowd are never followed-up on and many times the winner of a great contest is only announced once. What does this mean? A lack of follow-through or maybe just an understanding that customers want to move forward.

It’s worth it to believe that follow-through is important for brands. Not always, not in every scenario, but when it makes sense. Maybe announcing the winner of contest is one and done, but what about when a brand reaches out to customers asking for advice or ideas. Well, moving on without a mention of thanks or talking about plans on how the ideas will be used seems a little lackluster. It feels like there is no follow-through. And it doesn’t keep customers interested. It feels like “is this brand even listening,” “are they using us,” “I’m never going to answer again.” So yes, follow-through matters and when it makes sense customers notice.

So the same type of discipline that’s put to answering customer service issues and helping customers needs to be used when assessing follow-through. If it makes sense and the topic warrants follow-through then don’t let the opportunity pass by. But there will also be times when follow-through seems annoying and is not needed. So the most important lesson – follow-through is a brand tool that needs to be used when it makes sense and left alone when it’s too much. Understood?

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