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Say It Ain't So, Kmart
By: Jill Nadorlik
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Kmart, the home of the blue light special, will soon drop all mention of sales from their promotions, opting to take the path blazed by JC Penney most recently.

One question: Why, Kmart? Why?
Sure, you lack a bit of pizzazz in today's market. Sure, you've been replaced by the likes of Target in recent years, but do you really want to go down this path? It hasn't done anyone good, except Walmart. However, Walmart was the first brand to occupy the "everyday low prices" position in consumers' minds. Being the first brand in someone's mind is so important.

Think about it: Who was the first man to walk on the moon? Neil Armstrong, right? Now, who was the second? 

No one ever remembers the second, which in this case is JC Penney.

And here you are trying to come in third in a race that's been over for years. Instead, why not think of branding yourself in a position that no one currently occupies? Sure, it's easier said than done, but that's the only way your brand will gain traction once again.

Undercut Macy's as the go-to for designer home goods. Reinvent what the K in your name stands for, and use that as a launchpad for relating to customers.

Try something. Try anything.

Just don't make your brand all about prices.

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Jill Nadorlik is the owner of Nadorlik & Co., a boutique marketing firm specliaizing in content marketing, social media management, blogging, and public relations. Reach out to her at www.nadorlikco.com.
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