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Customer Experience from the Experts: Part 2
By: Janet Kalandranis
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No brand has to worry. There are more customer experience tips that both Oracle and Southwest are willing to share. It’s nice to be able to learn from brands that excel in this area, but also from two very different industries. So before the weekend comes, take a sip of that coffee and read on.

Coordinating Metrics = WORTH IT! This topic is discussed over and over on BTB, but it’s still worth repeating. Metrics have to be understood quickly and easily. So being able to get customer feedback, create a metric, and have it easily accessible is key. The metrics can be created by the brand, but it’s important that they ladder up to the brand’s goals. The metrics also need to be understood by employees and relayed consistently. This means time, money, and resources are well spent on creating that dashboard and allowing everyone to consistently see those customer feedback metrics.

Fix the Real Problems, Fast. Many brands talk about the larger strategic issues of the business; ones that will take months or even years to change. But to customers, the real problems are the day-to-day issues with the brand that, if fixed, can go a long way in the journey of customer experience. For Southwest this means being able to change flights for a customer quickly and send them on their way. For Oracle this means giving account managers the ability to make decisions, make changes, and ultimately make sure the client’s needs are met. These aren’t necessarily the problems that will change a brand, but in the end it goes a long way toward driving that positive customer experience.

It’s All About the Customer. The reason both Southwest and Oracle can provide the same advice and tips on customer experience is simple. These brands focus on the customer. It’s not about B2B or B2C or how mature the brand is, but instead it’s about a dedication to this very important brand principle. Brands need to focus on the customer and instill a commitment around customer experience. This will make the difference between brands that excel in this area and those that simply move on to another focus in a couple months. Oh, and customers will notice, so make sure to pick the right option.

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