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The Facebook Ladder: Like, Comment, Share
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Remember when the talk was all about how many Facebook “likes” a brand could receive? It was the measure of success. Yeah, that’s so yesterday. Brands have moved on, social media has gotten more intense, and the world of success is so much more than a simple “like.” This isn’t to be discouraging, but instead to show how much brands have grown and where the value of engagement truly lies. So move over, “likes.” There’s a new sheriff in town, and its name is “share." It’s oh-so-focused on creating brand engagement.

When talking with brands, many of them realize there is a Facebook ladder of engagement; one that starts with “likes,” moves to “comments,” and succeeds with “shares.” These measures help brands identify brand engagement that can truly provide an indication of what’s working and where the brand should focus next. As much as brands want to receive “likes” on Facebook, it’s more important for them to get fans to share their content. This lets a brand know that what they are providing is something the customer can endorse. The weight of a Facebook share is much much higher than that of a like, so brands are more interested in these. And it all makes sense. A like is little commitment, whereas a share is really standing behind content that a brand has produced. If a customer is going to endorse this, it’s a big green light for the brand to continue on that path. It’s like word of mouth in this new digital world.

So for brands that are pushing likes on Facebook, the strategy may be short-lived. Once you have all those likes, what do you get? A whole bunch of likes? A number to brag about? A number that is just a number? If a brand is focused on creating brand advocates, those customers that will promote a brand’s content; imagine the power in this. Customers then become another channel to deliver messages to other people and can create content that goes viral. Now that’s a measure of success. One that can blow a simple little "like" right outta the park.

A like, a comment, a share. All important, but each carry such a different weight of importance. Building a strategy simply around the number of likes will only last so long. It will become a number that doesn’t translate to future plans, but it is a great way to begin a campaign that transitions to shares. Learn the Facebook ladder, understand it, and always build upon previous successes.

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