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Whole Foods, Now Serving (Craft) Beers
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Nine times out of ten, if Whole Foods is doing something, it’s a brand win. Its new craft beer tasting program is no exception. Whole Foods, how do you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it? The brand is nothing short of a stellar, yet many of its successes seem so easy and simple. So maybe that’s the trick to success — don’t over-think or over-complicate new programs and strategies. But there’s more to building success than just simple programs. Whole Foods pays special attention to programs that fit within its brand foundation and also align with its target audience. Simple yet successful; that’s why Whole Foods continues to win.

Whole Foods knows its customers. No, like really knows them, understands them, and IS them. It works out really well. Because then the brand can launch really cool programs that become really successful and ultimately drive success back to the brand. So Whole Foods is all things local and artisanal and natural, right? What better way to support this than with craft beer tastings at Whole Foods locations? There is no other alternative. Whole Foods so perfectly matches its programs with its physical store and with the brand's identity. It’s a perfect marriage of cheese and beer.

And that’s kinda the topic here — the perfect marriage. Whole Foods specifically chooses programs and strategies that naturally fit within its brand umbrella. Because if it’s too hard to implement or too hard to explain/understand then the strategy probably doesn’t marry to the brand very well. Many brands want to create this big “wow” moment, yet this route is the exact opposite of where many successes are born. It’s usually the quicker, simpler ideas that become brand wins and can ultimately grow to be something bigger. And paying specific attention to the target audience is a must. Just because it works for the brand doesn’t mean customers will come knocking down the door. It has to work for them, fit easily into their lifestyle, and then maybe they’ll give it a try.

But when a brand can take all the guesswork out of a new program and create something that’s easy, relevant, and tastes good, chances are high for success. And taking the lead from Whole Foods isn’t a bad idea either as the brand is true to its core, understands its customers (inside and out), and hey, serves a great beer.

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