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3 Things Brands Can Learn from the Easter Bunny
By: Maryann Fabian
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With all due respect to Harvey Mackay, motivational leader extraordinaire, here are three pieces of wisdom from a hare-brained fictional character:

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. BlackBerry might be a good example of this, counting on one model and then finding itself unable to sway consumers away from the sexier iPhone. Although surprisingly, the company just reported a fourth-quarter profit of $98 million.

2. Variety is the spice of life. Some people like Peeps. Others like chocolate. Still others like jellybeans. The Easter Bunny understands this. JC Penney is finally catching on. The company recently admitted it may not just be the no-coupon strategy that’s not catching on. A spokesperson says it was a “huge miss” to abandon its core customer. Ya think? Have you noticed how JCP is all about the hip, young twenty-somethings? And although the direct mail and broadcast campaign has been beautifully executed, how many twenty-somethings are watching TV commercials and reading the Sunday paper? Meanwhile, Mrs. Middle America, JCP’s tried-and-true core customer, is feeling left out. Gone are her favorite St. John’s Bay khakis with their elastic-back waistband. In are low-cut, orange skinny jeans from a new designer. You can have both. Just not one at the sake of the other.  

3. It’s good to be all ears. The TV show Psych on USA Network has really used social media in a smart way to listen to its fans. To kick off its seventh season, it hosted a seven-episode slumber party/tailgate of viewer-chosen shows with a live-Tweet scroll and fan-generated content mixed in. When the show celebrated its 100th episode last Wednesday, it let fans determine the ending of the show in real time on Twitter, with updates throughout. It also used Grubwithus to reward 100 fans with dinner on them (a great way to let fans connect with us). One character live-Tweeted a recent episode with great insider commentary. As Variety put it, “It’s become a love fest between Psych and its fans, the Psych-Os.”

Here’s wishing you a happy Easter!

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Maryann Fabian is a copywriter who has crafted the voice of some of this country's best brands.
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