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A Down & 'Clean' Innovative Idea
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s nice to see new brands and startups come onto the scene with a really great idea. It reminds all brands, big and small, that innovation can come from anywhere and that the use of that word is not yet dead. And when a brand is able to innovate something that is completely relevant and timely in today’s world, all the better. It’s a “down and dirty” idea that is actually quite clean and quite environmentally friendly. How appropriate for today’s world.

One of the simplest forms of product innovation is to determine a need in the marketplace and fill that need with a product or service. It makes sense — kinda like “if you build it, they will come.” And it’s true. If there are no other competitors offering a certain product or service, then a new brand is bound to see some success. E-Recycler Buyback Boss has come up with a new idea; one that allows consumers to get dollars for old mobile devices while also saving the environment. What’s so important yet so simple behind this idea is that the brand realized there was a strong consumer demand for this service and there was no brand already fulfilling the need. So by providing an answer, it’s an innovative yet planned-out risk. It’s the makings of a very happy brand.

What’s so refreshing is that this idea is neither complicated nor intricate. To the customers it seems very simple, puts dollars back in their pockets, and is a solution that places an emphasis on a safe environment. And Buyback Boss has really thought through this new idea. The site allows customers to enter a model number for their used device and the condition of the device and in return a payment estimate is created. With pre-paid shipping boxes and labels, the brand has really put any customer hesitation to rest. The brand is trying to make ease of use and the decision-making process very simple.

So why is this a great topic of conversation? Well, Buyback Boss has thought through the initial stages of the concept. High demand? Yes. Easy to use? Yes. Room to grow? Yes. This is how innovative brands create a successful story filled with many years in the spotlight.

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