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Celebrating Brand Successes
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Everyone loves a celebration, from employees to customers. So the question is, why do most brands forget to celebrate their successes? In today’s fast-paced environment it seems like taking a time-out to be proud would put any brand at a disadvantage moving forward. But without celebration there is little time to reflect on what went right and how to carry this enthusiasm and practice over into future strategies. So today the talk is about taking a break from what’s next and focusing a little more on what’s been accomplished. Let the celebration begin.

It’s amazing what a little celebration can do; the positive impact it has on employees and the excitement it carries through to customers. So why would companies skip this important part in creating a solid brand? It’s the age-old excuse — there is no time. But that’s the point; brands need to slow down and make the time. This is important. Brands need to highlight successful programs and strategies so the entire group understands what to model. Identifying behaviors that are appreciated and welcomed to a brand helps employees understand where to focus their energy in the future. And to be honest, who doesn’t love a good reason to celebrate?

Many brands live for the future. What will come next, the upcoming strategy, the five-year plan. These are all great, but it’s important for brands to be in the moment as well. To talk about successes, be open about how they got there, and ultimately drive this passion into future endeavors. Think of top successful brands; they always talk about strategy and what went right (along with what could be better). If the Apples and Starbucks of the world aren’t afraid to take the time and celebrate what works and encourage employees to be proud, then the rest of the brands should take note. It’s not about losing focus but actually about creating a more detailed plan for the future. It’s a party to celebrate, to learn, and to grow as a brand. Happy Celebrating!

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