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He Didn't Go to Jared
By: Maryann Fabian
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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was an especially good one. And one jewelry brand missed a major opportunity to capitalize on it.

When last we visited with our favorite post-apocalyptic survivors, they were preparing to go to war with the Governor’s group. Like other young men getting ready for a tour of duty, Glenn wants a little hope in the midst of misery. He wants to marry his girlfriend Maggie as soon as possible. And, even in a survivalist world where values are questioned on a moment-by-moment basis, he has the good manners to ask Maggie’s father for his blessing. Now Glenn just needs to head to the local mall and...oh yeah, there aren't any on the south side of Atlanta.

So just where does one find an engagement ring in the zombie apocalypse? Glenn decides to shop the row of zombies who regularly hang outside their gated community (aka the security fence of the abandoned prison the group calls home sweet home). He eyes one blonde female walker who makes the mistake of reaching through the chain-link fence and proceeds to chop off her ring finger with bling attached. (This seemed to be a foreshadowing of another finger chopping to come, but that’s another story.)

Faster than you can say "put a ring on it," Twitter lit up with quite a few renditions of “He didn’t go to Jared.” Even the actors Tweeted a pic of themselves, elated at the happy moment.

What an opportune time it would’ve been for the retailer to get in on the action! Granted, we can’t all be Oreo-stealthy with split-second timing, but this is a prime demographic for any jeweler. Someone at Jared had to be watching. And shame on them if they weren’t. Kay Jewelers also could have easily have stolen the moment.

The Walking Dead has been killing it (pun intended) in the ratings all season. Last week, it beat The Bible. And we’re not just talking cable TV ratings, we’re talking primetime ratings. Even its aftershow, The Talking Dead, gets better ratings than anything on NBC. The Dead drew 12.3 million viewers — 6.1 million in the coveted 18–49 range — against The Grammys. The audience would be any advertiser’s dream. And there’s a legion of people who tweet along as it trends worldwide every week.  

Here’s a hint to other brands: You have a week to get it together in time for the season finale on Easter Sunday. It should be huge.

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