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Goodbye Google Reader, Hello ________?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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For those that are daily site and blog readers, there’s been big news buzzing around. Google has made an announcement that changes the landscape. The leader of the organized content world is pulling back. Oh, the horror. The brand made an announcement that come July, Google Reader will be no more. For those that don’t use the product it’s really un-news, but for those that rely on this tool to organize their content, it’s drastic. Okay, maybe that’s dramatic, but imagine a world without file folders and label makers. It’s chaos. Of course there are other options, but why would a brand, one that pretty much leads, decide to bail out?

Google is a smart brand, so there must be some sort of strategy to removing Google Reader. There have been conversations that Google is taking away its current product in order to release a better version in the future. But let’s talk about that. Wouldn’t it make more sense to remove the current Google Reader when the newer, faster, better, brighter, funner option was available? Or maybe Google is smarter than that. Maybe the brand knows that it IS the best and that the competition can’t compete. So Google will cause this uproar and on its time, when it’s ready, it swoops in to save the day.

Whatever the strategy, there’s no doubt that Google does have a plan. Google was built on strong strategy, great products, and innovation. So the question is, what will other brands be doing during the transition? Will some rush to swoop in, up the marketing efforts, and be the one that wins (even for a certain period of time)? Take a peek at the conversation around this topic and it’s evident that right now there is no one recommended option that customers are swaying towards. It’s all over the board — bloggers, digital experts, and even consumers are providing suggestions. Right now, it’s anyone’s game.

With all this competition, Google should be worried. But it’s quite possible that this was the strategy all along; Google wanted this competition of sub-par options and when the going got tough, its new product would be released. Google’s a smart one, one with a plan — even if no one knows it.

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