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Break it Down: Social Media Hints of the Visual Kind
By: Janet Kalandranis
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People love pictures. Brands love people. Brands show pictures. It all seems so simple, yet it’s actually a bit more complex than that. The simplicity of brands sharing pictures has grown to be an accepted practice, and one that customers are really drawn to. However, brands, especially of the smaller kind, need to make sure they put that photo to work. Sharing a photo without following some basic rules can lead to a photo that’s out there and has no purpose. So here’s the breakdown of how brands can make that social media strategy more visual.

Everyone Understands a Picture. AKA: show don’t tell. No customer wants to be told what to do, told what to think, or told how to act. So a better option is using an image to do all that talking, which usually receives a better return. This isn’t just for product-specific items; use those images to showcase the brand, its personality, and of course the employees. Customers want to see the day-to-day of any brand, so let them in with pictures.

Be You, It’s Your Best Color. Okay brands, don’t copy. It’s not nice, it doesn’t flatter, and customers definitely notice. The more original photos and ideas a brand can create, the better. Just imagine the sharing possibility with photos. If they're creative and unique, the brand will surely feel those positive effects.

Give Some Images a Purpose. Explaining how to use a product with an image is VERY useful. Let’s be honest; no one reads instructions. They seem daunting. But using a visual to help explain set-up or benefits or unique uses for a product are definitely a brand win. Many times these images help customers get to know the brand when they are in the exploration phase. So provide them with something to look at and help make that decision easier.

Power in Numbers. It’s that good old crowdsourcing tactic. Customers don’t want this photo relationship to feel one-sided, so provide an opportunity for them to share too. This creates a two-way engagement and can also increase the content a brand has to offer.

Some Words Needed. Pictures are the center of attention, but don’t forget to include some helpful words. These can be in the form of captions or explanations; just something to make sure the photo is understood. After all, no brand wants great images to be less than successful, so a couple of helpful words can definitely work with an image.

Get picture-ing!

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