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Milano Cookies Combining Product and Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Think back five or ten years ago, and what comes to mind? Besides a fashion faux paus that should be forgotten, there was a shift in the world of brand marketing. Instead of focusing on products, companies were pushing brands; those brand messages that overtake a single sale and hopefully create a long-term engagement with the customer. More companies were focusing on the overarching brand message instead of a simpler product highlight. This was the time when brands were talking about who they were, what they did, and where they wanted to go. It was brand heaven. And now it’s been nice to see a progression from the straight brand/corporate message to one that has grown to incorporate “flagship” products. These are the extension of the brand and a highlight for many customers, so this growth is nothing but accepted.

Chocolate is everyone’s best friend. Okay, maybe not, but it should be. In the Pepperidge Farm world, this is one of the brand’s staples that allows it talk brand while also showcasing product. And the new Pepperidge Farm spot is a great example of how a company can talk brand by using a core product and seamlessly translate two messages in one. The Pepperidge Farm spot plays off the famous Milano cookie and its chocolate core while also showcasing that Pepperidge Farm is the best part of any night. It’s the perfect balance of product and brand; neither of them feel forced and the outcome is marketing harmony.

Many times brands try too hard to force the message of product and brand and the result is disastrous. It feels too product heavy or too emotional about the brand and the message seems hard to swallow. But when brands are able to showcase a core product and put a little bit of brand behind the message, the outcome just seems right. And it’s not easy to do, as many companies opt to keep these ideas as separate campaigns — product spots and brand spots. But a true marketing gem is created once a balance of brand and product are sandwiched (perfectly) into one :30 spot. Oh, and adding chocolate doesn’t hurt.

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