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Brands That Live in Today’s World
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There used to be certain topics, certain aspects of society, that brands didn’t infiltrate. These were the “steer clear” aspects of life that brands just didn’t want to take a stand or make a comment about and risk losing a customer set. But things are different these days and brands are becoming more synonymous with the everyday things that many have decided to take part in. And it’s not to take a stand or create a brand view, but instead to show that many of those off-limits topics are now just a part of life.

First, to be clear. There are many brands that will not take on a personality, will not enter in the social scene, and will keep to their core products and services. That’s okay. It’s their comfort zone and it’s respected. But there is something very nice and very refreshing when a brand is able to integrate today’s world without making a big deal over it. They are a brand — they live in the world, too — so yes, it’s okay to mention world-like things. But it’s nice when it feels natural, when it’s not to take a stand over an issue, but simply just to be. That feels real.

Take this example by Microsoft: a new TV spot that includes a scene on gay marriage. It’s not the focus of the spot; there are no words around support (or lack of support) and it’s simply a common image that’s seen today that the brand has chosen to use. Sure, it is believed there were boardroom talks around this spot — a “should we, shouldn’t we” type of conversation — but in the end the message has nothing to do with gay marriage. It has to do with the new Outlook product and is showing relevancy. Including a scene from a gay wedding is very relevant — see the connection?

It’s nice to see that some brands understand what is relevant in today’s world and how touching on these items isn’t a full-fledged stance on a matter. Instead it’s simply life. The lives of customers and the lives the brand lives in. It shows the connection of the two in a more natural way. There are no sides and there shouldn’t be any controversy, but instead an understanding of the world that is today.

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