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B2B Feels Cramped By Advertising
By: Janet Kalandranis
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General marketing principles are the same across the board no matter the brand, the industry, or the goal. However, digging deeper is a necessity because there are definitely specifics that need to be included in every situation. It’s like the same, but totally not the same, all in one little marketing package. And one of the biggest differences is the world of B2B as opposed to B2C. Things are different in that business-to-business world; that is a known. But many times brands get so caught up in marketing rules that they neglect to respect those differences and really do what works best for their situation. That is no more — there’s a new option for B2B and it’s oh so good.

Ads for a brand. In the most basic form, they're thought to be quick, simple, and enticing. This is all well and good for an easy-to-understand consumer brand, but for many B2B businesses these practices just don’t work. And they shouldn’t. B2B brands are selling more complex products and services through larger contracts and big deals, so a little simple ad will never do the selling process justice. So many times, B2B brands want to use digital advertising, and they do, but the options are limited. Welcome LinkedIn — the brand that is trying something new to give B2B brands the space to advertise in a format that works: a bigger space.

LinkedIn is trying a new concept of SlideShare Content Ads, which are ad units that run throughout the site on the right side, allowing users to page through a presentation without navigating to a new screen. It’s B2B advertising genius. This new format allows B2B brands the space to describe their brand and pitch a sale while allowing the user to stay on the webpage. It’s like a marketing prayer has been answered. Many times in the past, it has felt like B2B brands had to suffer by conforming to what was available. Those were basically B2C options turned B2B, and it really felt like a shoe being squeezed on the wrong-size foot. Uncomfortable? Yes.

The point is that B2B brands shouldn’t have to suffer and feel like all the cool (yes, that’s a '90s word) marketing tools are for the B2C brands. There need to be more options, more formats, and more “cool” marketing techniques that allow B2B brands to shine. Nothing that’s retrofitted, but instead something is made truly for this B2B world and has only the goal of making them succeed. Applause to this first step and here’s to hoping there’s lots more where this one came from.

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