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Should Brands be Everywhere or Just Somewhere?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are so many channels right now. Like, SO many. And these aren’t just traditional media channels, but also the non-traditional ones that allow brands to get noticed. With so many channels, the question lies in which is a better strategy — be present on them all or do a couple really well? The answer may seem simple, but there are actually a lot more things to consider when brands decide “where to be.” After all, if a brand is everywhere there’s more exposure, right? And if brands are only somewhere, then there’s probably more quality. It’s a toss-up, so it’s a must-discuss topic here on BTB.

To start off, only certain brands can be everywhere and truly do each channel justice. Although there are very few of these brands, they consist of the big names, dedicated to channel marketing with loads of staff and the top expertise. Quite truthfully, none come to mind, but they must exist. Most brands, even larger ones, opt for channels where they can excel. And there isn’t a strategy for how to decide which ones will produce success but instead becomes a very individual choice. For instance, what are the products/services of the brand, how much staff is on hand, how much digital content is/will be available? These are key questions that brands need to identify before creating accounts on various channels and a campaign for every new piece of media that pops up. Getting a bit more specific — those brands that have great images and a constant source of photos should definitely utilize Instagram, whereas service brands with little visual appeal probably wouldn’t see the same results.

Then there are brands that just need to be everywhere because that’s what is expected of them. Yes, people want to know they can be found on every channel and for some reason brands have made this practice okay. IT IS NOT OK. It’s almost impossible to expect a brand to be suited for all types of media and to be able to achieve success in each one. And that’s kinda the opposite of what each of these channels hopes to deliver. There are specific goals for each one and assuming that a brand can play in all of them seems out of touch. Be in touch, be specific, and be somewhere well and not everywhere, just because.

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