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Putting a Face to the Name
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands spend a lot of time and money focused on driving that brand name. It’s an important asset and one that can help brands succeed over time. The more well known a brand is, the higher customer engagement should be, and in the end a successful brand is built. But there has been a little shift in those brand names because right now they feel very big, very untouchable, and not too many consumers can relate to this. So consumers are going back to basics; loving those brands that are local, family-owned, and feel like old friends. These are the ones that will win out when customers are given a choice, so how can those big names even compete?

Big brands need to understand what customers want at any point in time. Right now, that happens to be a family brand that really relates to its customers. One that feels like a next-door neighbor, yet provides excellent customer service and a quality brand. So larger companies need to revise their strategies. Right now is not the time to discuss the plethora of locations you have and the millions of employees. Instead, customers want to know about one person, one family that they can trust. The answer is: show them the family.

This is exactly what the Bissell team is doing. The brand is actually family-owned, but it just so happens that it’s larger than a little community storefront. So to compete with the local feel, Bissell is showing customers the CEO’s wife and the family dogs. Why? That’s actually how products are tested and move from inception into sales. The brand is hoping that by showing off who they are and how they still work today, it can actually appeal to what the customer wants. It’s a good plan — who doesn’t love dogs (okay, maybe not cat people, but still)?

Once customers understand the “real” business, they are more apt to view the brand in a positive light. So the strategy to show off the family part of a business is a good choice right now. It’s what customers are gravitating towards and what they prefer to purchase. So if there’s a way to get real, strip away the big corporate mask, and show the family behind the scenes, now is the time to do it. For the customers and, of course, for the brand.

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