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Peeps Are Going Viral
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Everyone knows Peeps; they are pretty much a viral brand all wrapped up in brightly colored marshmallow. And shockingly, there are quite valuable brand lessons hiding beneath their sugary core. Peeps is a seasonal brand with a product that comes out once a year, takes retailers and consumers by storm, and then quietly exits until Easter pops by the following year. But Peeps is looking to change some of that, shake up its current mojo (technical term), and hopefully surprise its customers while also enjoying a little bit of additional success.

Brands should be realistic. It seems obvious but it's not always the truth for brands. Peeps luckily doesn’t take its sugar intake too seriously; it definitely focuses on reality. The brand knows that its brightly colored Easter treats are more often used for purposes other than eating, and the brand knows it’s time to capitalize on a behavior that’s already happening instead of fighting it. Now that’s a realistic brand. Peeps knows that most of its product is actually used in the “crafting” sense. The customer is creating decorations or cake-toppers; even school projects and dioramas. Instead of ignoring this use for the product, Peeps is embracing it and actually making it more visible by messaging it this time around.

Peeps are going viral! The brand is taking this idea of Peeps crafts and creating a social media contest around what customers love best about the product. Instead of embracing the crafting silently, Peeps is creating a marketing strategy around it and one that is perfect for a little social media fun. This year customers will be able to “Express Your Peepsonality” as a part of the campaign and hopefully increase the brand engagement for this very iconic Spring product.

Even better, Peeps is learning to expand its horizons. It’s a known fact that many people stock up on their favorite Peeps when they are available for fear that if a craving hits they won’t be able to find the sugar-coated yummies. Well, Peeps is now looking to extend its presence with Peeps s’mores in the summer and of course another variation for the winter-time holidays. Peeps may be small, but the brand is in no way quiet this year. Watch out; Peeps are taking over!

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