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Disney Does the Basics Better than Good
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Today’s world is complex. For everything. There’s more technology, there are more touchpoints, and about a gazillion choices of ice cream. That’s a lot going on at one time, and it’s almost amazing that any consumer has the energy to determine brand preferences. But it happens and brands must be ready to compete. But with all the competition to create the next best option, many brands forget to do the basics right. And what’s even more surprising is that many brands assume the basics don’t count; they do. And when done right, the world of Disney is born.

Everyone loves Disney (as a brand, that is). Even for those consumers who don’t choose their yearly vacation in a kid wonderland there is still respect and even awe for Disney. This brand highlights basics and then knocks each one of these outta the park — the Disney park, of course. But brands need to understand the big lessons that come out of this famous brand. Before taking on the new initiative or the upcoming trend, it’s important to make sure the core is perfect. Because consumers won’t overlook horrible customer service or a lack of a brand just for a cool Facebook contest. Well, actually they might, but it won’t last that long.

So when defining and redefining a brand, look to understand what has created success for some long-term companies. Disney has a couple great lessons that any brand, big or small, could use in creating success. At Disney all of the basics are executed effortlessly and perfectly. So much so that it’s jaw-dropping to many guests that visit the park. No other brand can create a kid heaven minus the germs, the junk, and the yuck, but somehow Disney pulls it off and it’s noticeable for customers. Customer service in a park that large should really have its issues, but the brand is known more for making it right and creating that perfect customer experience.

Disney also has a very defined brand; one that is specific and focused instead of a “be everything to everyone." It has been proven that type of brand never works. But Disney is focusing on bringing joy to everyone in a way that plays with the kid at heart (whether the consumer is a kid or not!). And whatever aspect of the business a customer explores, that brand mission is always present. It’s consistent, it determines all strategies, and it's simple for all to understand. So before deciding to take on the “next big thing,” brands need to step back and evaluate whether or not the basics are done better than good — Disney good.

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