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When Meetings Go Google
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s a benefit, not a curse. And this makes sense because many lives revolve around Google. Why not bring this into the workplace? Now in all honesty, everyone knows how corporate meetings go. There’s no agenda, a lot of runaround talk, and then there’s another meeting scheduled to re-discuss what should have been finalized at the original meeting. Didn’t follow that? Yeah, that’s the point. So what if there was a tool that brought everyone together, forced them to push forward? Would it make business more effective? Google thinks so.

As opposed to Yahoo, Google thinks business can happen anywhere. Because today people can be accessible, and have meetings wherever they are — well, thanks to Google. Google Hangout, to be exact. The brand has created a new TV campaign that plays off of the current corporate ridiculousness. At the end of the Google Hangout meeting, various parties talk about “pinging” later on and scheduling another meeting to go over deliverables. One guy simply shoots down all these comments because this meeting doesn’t need follow-up, doesn’t need pinging, doesn’t need more meetings. Reason being: “This meeting has gone Google+."

It’s very rare for Google to use traditional methods to get a message out, but this one is just too perfect. It’s funny, it’s real, and if people use this new meeting method it could be quite successful. It might not be the right tool for those brands that are more traditional and prefer a boardroom meeting, but for those brands that understand the benefits this could be a winner. And as a brand Google isn’t afraid to use the traditional as long as it makes sense for a certain product. The brand isn’t only digital or only social, but instead evaluates the message and determines the best delivery method for success.

So as a brand it’s important to not get stuck in doing the same thing all the time because that’s what customers expect. It’s okay to change it up, shock them a little, and maybe get them a bit more interested than they were before. Change is good; just make sure there is a reason for that change.

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