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Brands are Talking on Social Media, But Are They Saying Anything?
By: Brian Perry
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Who among you has logged onto Facebook, Twitter, or another type of social media platform looking to read about your friends' latest adventure, only to find feeds littered with companies posting a gazillion times a day. Okay, so that is a slight exaggeration, but you get the point. We try and read our news feeds, but we have to weed through all the clutter. This has me thinking this week about companies and what they really are saying on social media platforms. Are they relevant?

Traditionally, companies use social media as an extension of their overall ad campaign. They post about a new product or service to engage their social media community. All companies try and stay relevant by engaging their fan base with witty banter, but does that really resonate with people anymore? Do people just glance over the brand feeds now without giving much attention to them? These questions should concern companies utilizing social media. How do companies/organizations become and or stay relevant and cut through the clutter? Do they look to offer a prize? Offer free services? What is their hook?

Most people follow their favorite companies/organizations on social media platforms. But why do we follow these brands? Usually there is a reason people will follow brands; maybe it is a contest or some other hook that brands do to get people to follow them. However, there are so many brands using this tactic that it has created a lot of social media noise.

Social media noise is very similar to TV and radio noise. There are so many companies/organizations talking on social media, but are they really saying anything? These brands need to take the same approach as they do when thinking of commercials. They need to be creative in their approach to social media by thinking of ways to engage people. Companies can use things like new creative to catch people’s attention. This can be a commercial, a video, or a timely contest. They can also look to partner with a secondary brand to help drive engagement. We see this all the time in TV and radio commercials: “Buy a Subway sub and don’t forget your Coke!” The point is that companies need to burrow through the noise and create engagement that will become relevant. The more social media noise a company/organization produces, the less likely people will be to engage with them.

Here is a challenge for everyone. Can you post a reply below with your best example of a good brand engagement and a bad brand engagement? Sorry I can’t offer a prize or service, but if there are any responses, I may post them on next week’s blog as a follow up.  

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Brian Perry is an accomplished communications professional with expertise in all aspects of successful marketing, advertising, public relations, promotions, and social media. Brian's outside interests consist of Hockey, Lacrosse, Insanity (basically any type of sport), books, and family time. Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter
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