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Tear at Those Heartstrings Wisely
By: Janet Kalandranis
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First lesson in advertising? Use babies and puppies, of course. These are the no-fail items (if used correctly) that are always brand wins. People love them and people love to love things, so it’s kinda a no-brainer. But brands are smarter these days and consumers are even smarter than that — so use those babies and puppies wisely. When used correctly brands can make an internal connection with customers to get a point across and hopefully create a bond that’s more than just product love: it's brand love.

Volkswagen is branching out. The brand normally puts its Jetta car in front of the single set, but now the brand has a new idea. That young married couple, potentially starting to build a family, could definitely use a Jetta. It’s like the perfect little car for the perfect little family. Although VW is putting more reality in its new TV spot — there’s a family leaving the hospital, already a little uneasy, when a car cuts in front of their Jetta. VW recreates “life flashing before your eyes” but through the baby’s point of view. That’s right, the baby that was just born days ago sees images of his short time flash before his eyes. Now no one can say that this doesn’t make your heart hurt just a little.

VW realized that in order to talk to the young couple, the brand had to expand its horizons and show something different than the normal Jetta TV spot. This creative hits the mark. Once that car cuts off the new family and the baby sees its short life flash before its eyes, the voiceover talks about safety. Okay, definitely sold. VW now has the ability to really connect to what matters to this new segment. It’s deeper than car characteristics and colors and speeds. This is VW’s way to truly gain a new set of brand advocates who will only trust their most precious packages to the brand — their kids.

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