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Debut of a Brand
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are many brands that advertise consistently; those that the world expects to see in TV campaigns and ad prints from year to year. But then there are newer brands, or even brands that choose different marketing strategies, that are never represented in that classic TV campaign or that pretty magazine ad. It’s just not where they go or where they put their marketing focus. So when one of these brands changes direction quite suddenly and pops into the mix, people take notice. It’s like the debut of a brand; one that consumers know but now they get to see a bit more of day to day.

One of these brands is Chobani. Holy great brand story. The little yogurt brand that could. Started small, kept its focus, and is now reaping the rewards of a successful business. And Chobani is no stranger to marketing. The brand has a dedicated social media platform that complements the brand and definitely has helped it grow in the past 5 years. And now that people are listening Chobani decided to talk a little more, get a little more breadth, and make sure the brand is recognized through a new outlet: TV. The brand planned a smart debut and purchased spots during the Oscars. That takes guts. For those expected brands it’s a no-brainer, but for Chobani it’s almost like the debut of the brand.

Luckily, Chobani and its agency made some smart decisions when they decided to take on TV. Instead of talking about flavors and yogurt and ingredients, the brand decided to give a more in-depth peek into its customers’ lives. That’s right, it’s a great Chobani brand spot that gives any consumer a clear picture of who this brand is and where it plans to go. It’s almost like Chobani is telling the world to “watch out” because this successful little brand doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

It was quite refreshing to see such a young brand take its debut so seriously. Chobani understands that it’s not about the gazillion flavors it offers but instead about the way the brand works that has gained so many lovers on its path to success. And Chobani is sharing this story, making new customers understand, and essentially thanking those that have already been on the journey with them.

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