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Take it Up a Notch
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Oreos are America’s favorite. That’s a general statement, but in all honesty this brand has been anything but quiet in the last year. This brand is all over social media being all sorts of relevant and timely, showing other brands “what’s up.” (That’s an official marketing term.) With each positive program and stellar tweet, Oreo is upping the ante and forcing other brands to play its game. That’s great for the industry and for branding as whole, but it sure makes every brand work just a little harder with every strategy it implements. It’s a new status quo — one that changes constantly.

Oreo was the highlighted brand during this year’s Super Bowl; the one brand to be tweeting relevant and fun words during the unforeseen blackout after the half-time show. Oreo gained a lot of supporters during that time and, as much as the brand is at the top, it has created a pathway for all other brands to replicate. So this time next year all brands will be right there with Oreo, tweeting the relevant and making sure their brand is part of hype. As much as it’s a hard and sometimes long path to the top, unfortunately it’s not assumed that a brand will stay there for months to come. It’s like every good example gets more brands on board and pushes them to move ahead. So one notch today and two notches tomorrow.

But it still must be strategic. Brands can’t assume that it’s all luck. That may work, but with more brands pushing the standard forward there’s no guarantee that luck will always win for a brand. Oreo needs to have some strategic played-out wins that mirror much of what Starbucks did on the east coast during Nemo (the blizzard, not the fish). It was a relevant play, one that was quickly put together, but one that also created a future standard. Brands are no longer able to sit on the sidelines and watch as life events happen. They must be active participants and deliver something new to their customers.

And so it’s fair to assume that in three months or six months the amount of brands that are creating relevant quick campaigns will significantly increase. This is what customers want, what they respond to, and what brands feel they need to deliver. It started with Oreo upping the ante and Starbucks finishing it off by changing the way brands should do relevant marketing. It’s a win for customers and a whole heck of a lot of work for brands, but the payoff should be quite nice.

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