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Changing the Way Ads Work
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There’s a new type of ad in town, thanks to Microsoft. Well, kinda thanks to Microsoft. It’s more thanks to those creative agencies that are now able to design and innovate something that will work for their clients. Microsoft is just the host or platform behind this whole new ad world. It’s about time a brand considered changing it up and doing something different. And the rollout of the new Windows 8 ads do just that: provide a much-needed process change to benefit the brands that want to take part.

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 ads are unique in-app placements that are being tested by Jeep, Paramount, Delta, and Ford. Instead of selling prepackaged placements, Microsoft has decided that it would leave the creative part up to the experts. Smart decision. This lets creative agencies do what they do best: create. This is a huge shift away from the norm, which is to sell certain predetermined ad packages to brands. Instead, Microsoft has become the facilitator and the creative agencies are the ones that get to take on the role of designing something that works for their brands. It actually makes a whole lot more sense than the current process that’s out there. Way to move the industry forward, Microsoft.

So what does this all mean? A whole heck of a lot. Creative agencies are now designing in-app ads that are really unique to the brands they represent. For instance, Delta’s ad plays off the finger swiping method and invites users to swipe “up” instead of left and right. Because “up” is where Delta’s business is; aka airplanes go up. This simple creative change allows Delta to really showcase what it does and makes sense for the audience that interacts with the ad.

And all this is for the better; moving the process a bit ahead and challenging the current system. But there are still challenges that lie ahead. One of those being scalability. How does Microsoft learn from each of these initial campaigns and make it scalable for products and packages? It's one step at a time, but the first footprint seems to be in the right direction.

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