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WANTED: The Ultimate Stressed Customer
By: Janet Kalandranis
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How about something super creative for this Friday? Don’t worry, this post has it covered. Perhaps one of the most well-thought out, creative campaigns that by no means was a walk in the park. If brands want to do creative, they really need to put the energy and effort behind this. Because there is no semi-creative; it’s either really good or not a winner at all. Luckily Nivea is a brand that understands this and employs agencies to help it get behind big ideas. Oh, and then the brand delivers one of the most creative campaigns in a while just to support its new Stressed line of products. Over the top? Maybe. Worth it? Totally.

Nivea wins. That’s it, end of story. A brand that secretly sought out customers, researched them, and then created a plan with fellow friends and family in order to pull off one creative campaign. Felix & Lamberti helped Nivea create a winning ambush campaign in Germany. This is above all other ambush campaigns that any other brand has done to date. (That’s a fact in case it was unclear.) Suspects were chosen, taken to the airport by friends/family for a planned trip, and then tricked to believe they were “wanted” by the authorities and highly dangerous. It’s a campaign that uses real-time action and lots of coordination, and ultimately became a winner in the end. These unknowing suspects were eventually approached by the authorities and quickly asked if they were stressed, then shown a suitcase full of Nivea’s new “Stressed” products. Pretty clever.

Of course, not every brand can afford to pull off a campaign like this, but it’s important to note some factors that make it fantastic. It’s EXTREMELY relevant, super creative, and most of all engages anyone who’s seen the footage. It takes a product that could really have done well with a traditional campaign to the next level. The “Nivea level” — that’s what it should be called. So brands, strive for that Nivea level with the next campaign for the brand.

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