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Tweet to Purchase
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Credit card companies are boring, annoying, and frustrating. There’s not a lot of fun talk to be had with their content, as the industry is tied to dollars and cents. So these brands have to go extra far, take an extra step, to be even a little intriguing. And there have been many successes over the years; think MasterCard’s priceless campaign, but now with ever-emerging technology the stage is about to get more exciting. American Express has decided to pull out all the stops, do something really innovative, and take the credit card industry to a whole new “coolness” level. Oh, and it’s all wrapped up in tweeting a hashtag.

Many times, the larger financial industry sits by the sidelines. The cool ideas, projects, and conversation are left to the more mainstream consumer product brands. But that is so not the case with American Express’ new venture. The brand is using social media, Twitter specifically, as a platform for products. And not in the expected way, but in a new, much cooler way. American Express is now providing its customers with the ability to purchase products at a discounted price through Twitter. Re-read that sentence again — purchase products through Twitter. Most brands have not even entered into this Twitter purchasing world, let alone any boring credit card companies. American Express, there’s a large applause in your future.

And American Express has really thought this project through to the end (another applause for the brand). It’s utilizing its current brand partner relationships as a vehicle of products to offer its customers. The brand then lets members know how to sign up and how the program works, and has even created a pretty seamless system for this Twitter purchase process (say that ten times fast!). The key here is that brands can’t be afraid and they can’t stay within what’s been done before. Because when that happens, there is no brand fun and no growth. Two brand disappointments.

American Express is now leading the charge — and not just for the credit card industry. The brand is on the leading edge of making Twitter work as a purchasing platform. It’s almost like the flash sale of Twitter. Customers will be hit with more American Express messages and make the brand (and its partners) top of mind to those who sign up for the program. Can NOT wait to see where American Express takes this idea in the future.

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