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The Brand So Familiar, It's Like Looking in a Mirror
By: Janet Kalandranis
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What if there was a brand that knew its customers so well that it was like looking in a mirror? A brand that understood each customer’s individual needs and it felt like talking to a best friend, all the time. That would be great; kind of unrealistic, though. But what if a brand plays in this fantasy world and steps up to be a customer’s best friend each and every time? That’s probably a brand that’s going to do some serious business. What is this new brand? Well, not a new brand at all, but the well-known Discover.

It’s called the “Peggy” campaign: Discover’s way of being every customer’s best friend. It’s like calling up that best friend, doing a little chit-chat, and getting a problem solved. Discover is putting customer service out in the forefront, giving it the attention it deserves. No customer wants to call that credit card 1-800 number and have to deal with a representative. That’s right; a representative that doesn’t “get” them. And then there’s the whole situation of not wanting to hear the answer that representative is going to give. Discover is changing all that.

The Peggy campaign allows customers to see that Discover understands and is changing the game. No more customer frustration with silly terms and lackluster help. Instead, any problem customers have or a question they need answered, simply call up the BGG (that’s best friend forever). Because that’s what Discover wants its customers to feel when these brand followers have to talk with the brand’s representatives. That it’s not stressful, there is no frustration, and a customer will get the answers it needs from a person who could actually be a friend. It’s a bit pie-in-the-sky, but maybe that’s what this credit card business needs. Someone to step out, take a chance, and see if this Discover brand can create a whole new game.

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