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The Silent Partner Every Brand Needs to Succeed
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Every brand needs one of those. Someone that leads the way to success. But what if the successful partner isn’t a “someone” but simply a thing, or aspect of the business? Even better! Brands are actually able to work towards success without having drinks with this silent business partner. So what’s the secret? Organizational structure, of course. Funny, something so accessible and most brands never think to utilize this as a winning tool. Well, no more of that; secrets unveiled below.

A brand’s culture means everything. Yes, everything. This means it can not only help a brand become successful, but it can also send it straight to failure. That little idea around a brand’s culture should not go overlooked. Those brands that focus on organizational structure and put that brand culture to work have been known to significantly outperform the competition. That’s no joke. So to assume that culture is simply to make happy employees is the wrong thinking. Brands need to create culture, embrace it, and understand the importance of what it can achieve.

Think of those top brands that any business hopes to emulate. All of these brands have really strong cultures. Everyone knows who they are — the Apples, the Starbucks, the Nikes of the world. Most consumers can probably describe each of these brands’ corporate cultures. That’s the proof — an organization’s structure and culture is a key factor in determining its success. Because success is not given to the hardest working, smartest brands. It’s actually enabled and encouraged by culture. How perfect is that? Every brand has a chance and every brand has this tool in the toolbox. (Definitely pull that tool out ASAP!)

So when thinking about success, realize that it’s not simply tied to products and services. This idea of success is closely tied to who the brand is. That’s right, WHO the brand is. Take a time-out, identify the brand culture, implement it, and make it work for the brand.

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